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East Shore Partners, Inc.
East Shore Partners, Inc. ("East Shore") is an independent research boutique and brokerage firm located in Hauppauge, New York. We have been serving institutional investors since 1991. We offer an objective analysis of the overall macro view of various markets and sectors, as well as specific companies within those sectors. We offer insight through in-house analysts and industry veterans as well as independent third party research in such areas as energy, technology / telecommunications, market commentary, and a macro-strategist's daily look at the market. Our team of veterans has long-established relationships with market professionals, providing them with excellent insight into the more
Actual Excerpt from Daily Update Archive

"There are no words to express the magnitude of what is brewing on the horizon. As each story unfolds, the mind is provoked to extrapolate the losses to infinity. This is what massive leverage and derivatives of derivatives can do to a thoughtful person's psyche. So if you are laboring under the delusion that the FED has any fix, quick or otherwise, in the form of 25 or 100 or even 525 bps of rate slashing, kindly disabuse yourself of that grandiose, naïve, delusional, horribly-misguided thought immediately. There is not a central bank on the face of the earth that can undo this debacle by flooding the system with more cheap money, but Gold is sure hopin' that they'll give it a try, eh? Meanwhile, we'll let this read: There is not a legion of central banks on the face of the earth, etc. And even if there were, the outcome would still be the same, i.e., there is no turning back now. Let the repricing continue..." Joan McCullough 8/1/07

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